OSE Sustainable Investment Group, LLC

Open Source Ecology Sustainable Investment Group LLC is a for-profit company used to fund the non-profit company Open Source Ecology, Inc. It will raise money through this offering to acquire land and build a hydroponic lettuce greenhouse. The Company will sell greenhouse produce and sustainably-harvested lumber. The company will also engage in marketing of otherContinua a leggere “OSE Sustainable Investment Group, LLC”

Open Source Ecology, Inc.

by Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D.   “(…) It may be more desirable to pursue and promote modes of production and societal organization that are more integrated and skilled, where time is liberated for other personal and civic pursuits. A skilled worker in the information age is one who tries to piece together the disconnected elements ofContinua a leggere “Open Source Ecology, Inc.”

Open Source Ecology, our mission

I. What is Open Source?Open Source refers to the model of providing goods and services which includes the possibility of the end-user’s participation in the production of these goods and services. This concept has already been demonstrated in Linux, the open source computing system. With Linux, a large number of software developers have contributed toContinua a leggere “Open Source Ecology, our mission”

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