OSE Transformative Economics Program

The basic OSE model is shown below:   The cornerstone of Open Source Ecology’s program for transformative economics is the 500 Plus Plan. This is a plan for producing a financial incentive in order to attract new Fellows on demand. This Plan is the development of an integrated, primarily agricultural product package that may beContinua a leggere “OSE Transformative Economics Program”

Practical Application of Open Source Economics

by Marcin Jakubowski The present challenge is to develop a working model of the Regenerative Island Project as described under Mission. In the last couple of years, this concept refined itself to a replicable open source enterprise community, in the form of an Open Source Research and Development Center. This is an entity that mayContinua a leggere “Practical Application of Open Source Economics”

OSE Yearly Plan — April 2006/April 2007

This plan shows the work to be done in the period from April 2006 to April   2007.   The   majority   of   new   developments   revolves   around   the development of novel social technology and a flexible hardware technology which we are proposing herein. Technical developments include energy, vehicle, and farm equipment infrastructure. This is part of background developmentsContinua a leggere “OSE Yearly Plan — April 2006/April 2007”

OSE Progress Report for 2005/2006

We are forming an enterprise community focusing on open source technology for sustainable living. Part A is a review of OSE’s first season at our land-based facility in Osborn, MO. The facility is leased and operated by Marcin and Brittany. Corresponding future direction based on the experience gained is described in Part B. OSE ProgressContinua a leggere “OSE Progress Report for 2005/2006”

OSE Sustainable Investment Group, LLC

Open Source Ecology Sustainable Investment Group LLC is a for-profit company used to fund the non-profit company Open Source Ecology, Inc. It will raise money through this offering to acquire land and build a hydroponic lettuce greenhouse. The Company will sell greenhouse produce and sustainably-harvested lumber. The company will also engage in marketing of otherContinua a leggere “OSE Sustainable Investment Group, LLC”

Open Source Ecology, Inc.

by Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D.   “(…) It may be more desirable to pursue and promote modes of production and societal organization that are more integrated and skilled, where time is liberated for other personal and civic pursuits. A skilled worker in the information age is one who tries to piece together the disconnected elements ofContinua a leggere “Open Source Ecology, Inc.”

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