La doppia moneta dell’Uruguay

Un articolo molto interessante su cosa sta accadendo in Uruguay. Uruguay’s Two Currencies by Niklas Blanchard, CheapSeatEcon March 11, 2010 Back in June of 2009, Uruguay embarked on a nationwide experiment with complementary currencies — a plan that evolved from a number of local trials of the alternative currency system in that country. The nameContinua a leggere “La doppia moneta dell’Uruguay”

Open Source Ecology, an interview

Open Source Ecology Building Functional, Sustainable Agriculture in Wisconsin An Interview with Brittany Gill by Rebeccah Kessel (Sustainable Eating Magazine) “I love watching things grow. I put a seed in the ground and then there’s this plant and then there’s this tomato on this plant. It makes me think of life and beauty and purposeContinua a leggere “Open Source Ecology, an interview”

Open Source Ecology, About our wiki

These days we are struggling with finding a way to communicate the message of  the work at Brittany and Vinay Gupta ( have been slashing through the thicket of expression choices to narrow down the message so it could be understood by others. The goal is to attract interest in a few, dedicated co-developers.Continua a leggere “Open Source Ecology, About our wiki”

A replicable global village model

Imagine a village with buildings of dirt (CEB) with year-round greenhouses (sawmill, CEB, bioplastics from local trees), with all facility energy produced by a solar turbine, where people drive hybrid cars with car bodies (bioplastics) made from local weeds, with critical motors and metal structures (aluminum) extracted from on-site clay, which are fueled by alcoholContinua a leggere “A replicable global village model”

500 Plus Plan

The cornerstone of Open Source Ecology’s program for transformative economics is the 500 Plus Plan. This is a plan for producing a financial incentive in order to attract new fellows on demand. This Plan is the development of an integrated, primarily agricultural product package that may be deployed by people joining OSE on a month’sContinua a leggere “500 Plus Plan”

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